Electron-Retracts Service

Repairs and guarantee
Electron Retracts warrants its products against, design defects, manufacturing, or materials for 2 years.

The warranty excludes damage from misuse of systems, or damage caused by reasons outside the manufacturing.

If you have any problems with our products or need to use our repair service, please contact with your dealer.

For products purchased in our online store, send an email to info@electron-retracts.com and we will inform you about the correct steps and procedures to follow.

Don’t send any product to our factory without first consulting us, Electron Retracts isn’t responsible for these shipments


Electron Retracts guarantee ONLY Electron products:

Retracts and controllers must be used together. Electron is not responsible for retracts damaged as a result of using other brand controllers. In the same way, Electron is not responsible for damages caused to Electron controllers as a result of use with another brand retracts.

All our controllers had installed the best software and parameters to achieve the best result.

Electron controllers are provided with Electron label in RB-45 and GS-200 cases, and black anodized aluminium housing with laser engraved in the RS-200 as the next photo shows.

All Electron retracts have the serial number engraved in the main body for identification.