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GS-200Pro Landing Gear Controller:

Valid for control: ER-30eVo, ER-40eVo, ER-50eVo, ER-50NG, brakes and gear doors.



  • 1x GS-200Pro.
  • 1x Touch Controller


  • 3x Retract cables for GS-200Pro. Retract cables used for the GS-200 PRO are different from cables used with our other controllers. If you’re replacing your controller (RB-45, RS-200, GS-200) with a GS-200Pro, you will need new connection cables for the retracts.



  • IMPRESSIVELY POWERFULL:  Each retract output is capable of a constant 12A, that makes a massive 36A total, through powerful XT30 connectors. An additional 12A are also available for actuators, servos and electro valves via the sequencer outputs.
  • TRULLY SAFE:  With entirely separate and independent circuits for input and output, you can rest easy in the knowledge that a single failed component connected to the controller is not going to disrupt the correct operation of the rest of your model.
  • REGULATED SEQUENCER OUTPUTS:  Assuring safe and consistent power, all sequencer outputs are regulated to the universally used, 6v.
  • EXTERNAL COLOR TOUCH DISPLAY:  Setup and control the GS200 Pro from anywhere in your model, thanks to the easy to use external full color touch display.
  • PACKED WITH FEATURES: All the above, while still packing all the great features of the GS200. Some of which includes 8 gear door outputs, 10 step sequencers, integrated gyro for assisted steering and braking, variable ABS, optional bus input and so much more.
  • EASY INSTALLATION:  Thanks to it’s light weight and small footprint, you can install pretty much anywhere that is flat without having to worry about space or your models center of gravity.
  • SINGLE OR DUAL CHANNEL MODE:  Short on channels? No problem, use the optional Dual channel mode to control retracts and brakes through a single receiver channel.