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ER-30eVo set B (Steering system)

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*Retraction angle


2x ER-30eVo retract with options selected

1x ER-30eVo (steering system) retract with options selected

1x Electronic selected ( RB-45, RS-200, RS 200 with programmer or GS-200)

1x Cables and conector


Weight (3 retract): 225gr

Nose leg pin conector:  4,5,6mm

Main legs pin conector:  1/4″     4,5,6,8mm         

Nose trunion retraction angles: 90º

Main trunion retraction angles: 85º,90º,95º,100º,100º up

Steeerable  options: Electron steering system, Simple steering, Servo plate, Inverted Steering

Recomended battery: 500mAh (Lipo 2s or 3s), 500mAh 3s Life

Max current: 2A, with 3SLiPo

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