Set Wheels & Brakes Ø150 mm (Pair)

749,00 (Exc. Tax)



NEW inflatable wheel, for aircraft up to 100 kg, recommended for UAV applications.

Simple and light (810gr per unit), designed for use on the most demanding on runways.

Brakes with the Power & Reability of electric.
  • Long lasting thanks to new friction material.
  • Fully proportional, without residue.
  • Optional ABS with selected Electron controllers.
  • PNP System, mounting shaft included (dimensional drawing attached)
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2x Main wheels Ø150 mm with bearings.

2x Electromagnet Ø80 mm.

2x Brake disc Ø80 mm.

2x Cables.


* Our retraction systems electronics (RB-45, RS-200, GS-200, GS-200Pro), incorporate a brake control. If you are using only the wheels and brakes, you can buy the E_Brakes  controller in our online-shop.