Electron Retracts innovations:


For the past 7 years, Electron Retracts have been provided with a relatively standard metric thread in our spindles.  Despite the system working well, at Electron Retracts we employ the philosophy that “improvement is always possible” and as such our research team set upon the task to update this critical part for the better.

During 2015, the new spindle design was finalized and tests show that it has noticeably improved the performance of the entire system

husillo cuadrado



All retracts purchased from January 2013 onwards can be upgraded with these new square spindles (visit our webshop).

Electron Retracts are the first retract manufacturer to improve the spindle and implement square threads.  The difference between the standard and square threads can be seen as follows:

Old spindle with metric thread

The thrust produced by the spindle is not linear, as the red arrows show. The result is a loss of performance.

spindle old transp

New spindle with square thread

The thrust produced is linear, providing roughly 10% more torque at a 40% faster cycle time!!

new spindle transp