Link&Fly, the air transport of the future

Airbus Project

The “Ling & Fly” is a prototype model designed by Akka Technologies, partner of Airbus and produced by Laurens Concept. 

The objective for this prototype is to provide a solution to the multiple challenges that the aereal transport industry of the 21st century poses. 

The number of passengers is growing year on year resulting in the imminent overcrowding of current airport terminals. The idea for this aircraft is to reduce the turnaround times on the ground, while optimising the airport infrastructure using new and innovative technologies. That is why this “multipurpose aerial transport system” is equipped with a removable cabin or pod, a loading bay and a vertical airport infrastructure. 

More information on this project on the Ak website

This prototype has a wingspan of 3,5m and is equipped with 3 of our new retracts, the Electron Retracts ER-40eVo. Designed for models up to 17kg (30lb) they are perfect for this type of project.