1.- What BATTERY can i use with my retracts?

Electron suggest using a single small battery for retracts and brakes, and don´t share the receiver or engine battery.

500-900 mAh will be enough for at least 25 flights, so with a very small battery you will have power enough for a full flying day

Recomended voltages:

ER-30: 3S LiPo or 3S LiFe
ER-40: 2S Lipo
ER-50: 2S LiPo

MPX Conector:
For better power distribution, and safer running, is recomended use 3 pins of MPX connector, for each polarity, like next photo show:

2.- The BRAKES haven´t enough POWER to stop my plane in the desired distance

Follow the manual: READ HERE “mechanical adjusting brakes”

Voltage increase: The last software for ER-30 and ER-40 allows to increase the voltage up to 13V (not for ER-50). With 3S LiPo it is posible increase the brake torque a little. Old control units can be updated with the new software: (contact us). Is possible test the controller with 3S LiPo to know if this controller accept 13V. If not, the retracts simply will not run, nothing should burn. The ER-50 is limited to 10V for security, so only mechanical adjustments are posible.

3.- My BRAKES are UNBALANCED, and the plane is not easy keep straigh on the runway

Mechanical solution: PLEASE, READ HERE “mechanical adjusting brakes”

Electric solution: READ HERE

4.- Can i invert my RETRACT, or change the retraction angle?

This is possible only in the “reversible version” of our retracts, released from January 2015 onwards. You can find the indicative “reversible” engraved next to the serial number.VIDEO READ HERE

5.- Square thread SPINDLE
     What retracts can be upgraded to square thread SPINDLE?

All retracts purchased from January 2013. The serial number must start by 13, 14,15,16 etc…. (the first two digit indicate the manufacturing year)

     Can i updated by myself? or i must send to the factory?

cooming soon youtube video . Menu downloads, page 7,8 of the electron users guide

6.- Need a COMBO that i can´t find in your WEBSHOP

Please, send us a e-mail : info@electron-retracts.com to see posibilities