Electron-Retrats & Boeing unmanned combat jet

Boeing Project

Boeing is progressing with the continued development of a new unmanned aircraft program in preparation for the first flight of the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) Loyal Wingman prototype in 2020.

“We successfully achieved first autonomous teamed flights using high-performance jets as test beds and Australian-developed mission systems technology,” the Boeing Australia announced on its Twitter account.  

The Boeing team is using its world-class Systems Analysis Laboratory based in Brisbane, Australia, to simulate and model critical mission capabilities and the aircraft product lifecycle.

Boeing has fielded a team of 15 autonomous test bed aircraft to refine autonomous control algorithms, data fusion, object detection systems, and collision avoidance behaviours.

The program will result in a prototype aircraft that will test the potential of this cutting-edge technology. It is designed to protect and extend airpower by teaming multiple unmanned platforms with manned assets to achieve a range of missions.

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The chosen test bed was the Mephisto Jet produced by Carf Models, which runs three ER-50eVo retracts, as well as our legs, wheels and brakes. All developed and produced by Electron-Retracts