NEW! Linear Actuator- 25mm

Electron Linear Actuator, designed to move the RC planes gear doors. Manufactured in aeronautical aluminium 7075-T6 with CNC machines. All parts are anodized, and manufactured with very small tolerances. The control unit is integrated inside the actuator housing. The result is a very compact and robust system. The innovative installation bracket adjutsable in 3 points, and their small size, allow install this in small places. Specifications: Weight: 45g (cable and bracket included) Stroke: 20, 25, 30mm no adjustable. Current limitation in…

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NEW GS-200 Control Unit

Electron Retracts presents the new GS-200, a new electronic control unit with gyro brake assist.   Features: Programming done via integrated color touchscreen . Independant brakes, allowing you to steer the model using the brakes. Integrated Gyro. Can be mixed with the steering servo output and to the independant electronic brakes. Dual control of electric brakes, fully proportional, linear and adjustable pulse mode. Steering servo processor. Gyro gain, direction and center can all be adjusted. The steering servo is automatically centered during retraction. 8 servo…

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NEW Spindle with square thread

Electron Retracts innovations:   For the past 7 years, Electron Retracts have been provided with a relatively standard metric thread in our spindles.  Despite the system working well, at Electron Retracts we employ the philosophy that “improvement is always possible” and as such our research team set upon the task to update this critical part for the better. During 2015, the new spindle design was finalized and tests show that it has noticeably improved the performance of the entire system…

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Reversible version

Reversible version refers to our new more versatile main frame design. This new frame allows the customer to operate the retract in both directions (normal and reversed) as well as allowing you to vary the retraction angle, achieved by simply by swapping trunions. This frame is indicated by the word “reversible” laser engraved next to the serial number, as the following image shows. The following instructions show how you can change the operating direction, and also how to change the trunions to achieve different…

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Chinese copy

Electron Retracts has detected that on the market there is a Chinese copy of one of our early retract systems, produced to a much inferior standard.  Please make sure when purchasing that you do so from an authorized dealer and that the product is authentic. Electron Retracts is a registered trademark (CM 013441449), property of Turbinas y compresores Jetsxoel SL. Original Electron Retract systems have a serial number laser engraved on the main body, and the warranty sheet is stamped…

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